Argan Lip Balm

At last I repacked Creme d'Argan from pot to lip balm tubes today.

The ingredients of Creme d'Argan are very simple. It is produced only from Argan oil and beeswax. This beeswax is a by-product of Longan honey and so it has the aroma of Longan blossoms.

50ml JPY 3,000 / 8ml JPY 1,200

The name of this product is "cream" but the texture is actually balm and the hardness is best for lip balm of the tube type. It is very easy: just melt the balm in hot water and fill the balm into the tube. Cool the tubes in the freezer quickly after the balm hardens, it makes balm smoothly. For about 10 tubes are gotten from a pot of 50ml size.

Note: sterilize all tools in boiling water and disinfect tubes with alcohol beforehand.

I have sensitive skin and lips too. I have been using only this balm for lip care for several years. It moistens my lips very well and makes healthy color. It is my favorite lip balm (=

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